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as many of you probably know, we’re trying to throw together a dave strider flashmob before the month is out, as a couple of our members are bound for greener pastures (cough losers cough). we don’t have a set date or a song yet but we’ll get that hammered out this weekend out this weekend. what i need right now is to know if anyone who is interested in this doesn’t have/can’t get a dave shirt because we’re going to make some.

basically, drop me a line BY FRIDAY telling me your size (please not anonymously, i need to know who’s getting what shirt) and we’ll make sure to whip you up one this weekend! we can probably do this for pretty cheap, but if anyone is able/willing to halp me out with the cost, that’d be appreciated.

we’re going to leave the rest of the costume up to you guys; you can get aviator shades at target and walgreens and the like, jeans and sneakers should be easy enough. we do have a couple of spare wigs between us, but pleasepleaseplease try and get your own if you can. the wig store by lloyd mall has some great wigs and they give a 10% discount if it’s for cosplay!

so yeah.

where doing this man.

where making it hapen.

Just imagine. Pioneer Square, people flooding in to join one blond weirdo dancing, gradually. Everyone looks like the same blond person. Imagine the confusion it will cause.

were doing this man



*wishes she were in Portland to see*

we’re gonna try and have someone filming it and the video will probably be posted online!

Holy crap I wish I was there for this. Can we do it again later?

Man, I wish there was already a definite date for this.  With as much design work as I have to do at the end of the month, I can’t say with any certainty that I can join in.  Second on the “do it again later” sentiment.  However, I’ll (almost) definitely be at this Sunday’s meetup!  Been busy the last couple of weekends, haha.


I still have no idea how the night went from “let’s get curry and talk about shipping” to “let’s go to the second sketchiest place possible and tell ghost stories” to “a guided tour of bodily fluids and conspiracy theories”.

But I do know this is absolutely what the phrase YOLO was invented for.

Today was beautiful and I cannot wait for the next meetup.  Eventually I’ll figure out some kind of cosplay.


It finally happened!

While walking over to Plaid Pantry earlier, I walked past a couple of girls going the opposite direction.  One was wearing a troll shirt, so I simply commented, “Nice Sollux shirt!”

It was like time stopped.

Slowly, she turned around.  Upon seeing me with a smile on my face, her smile grew larger and, slowly (as if to verify it was real) approached me with a hug.  The look on her face mirrored mine, and both of us seemed to be saying, “I recognize you, fellow Homestuck.”

I did it - I finally found the Portlandstuck group!  =D

It’s freaking Portland—I knew there was a group here somewhere!  Now to find the Portland bronies, and I’ll be all set.