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Why I’m An Idiot or: Pleasant Surprises

So, I’m staying with my family for the summer and preparing to do a part-time job search.  Before leaving Portland, I checked to make sure any files I needed were either in my Dropbox or on my jump drive.  With a satisfied nod, I closed out everything and turned off my computer for the summer.

Once in Klamath Falls and after a good night’s sleep, I started my hunt.  After finding some really interesting listings, I prepared to open up a new message in Gmail and froze.


Out of all the files I checked, the one I didn’t…was my resume.  Of all things to forget, that just killed my mood.  It wouldn’t take too terribly long to redo my resume, but I really shouldn’t have forgotten it.  With a sigh, I saved the message draft and figured I’d just suck it up and make a new copy.

Cut to the next day (today), and I pulled out my laptop to start working on my resume.  While I was pulling it out, I loaded my LinkedIn profile on the main computer to reference.  I was scrolling down my profile, just checking to make sure everything was still current…and froze.


There, sitting in my app, was my resume.  With a gleeful squeak of happiness, I whipped out the house phone to call my mom and give her the good news, but in my extreme happiness, I ended up calling my cell instead.  XD

This summer should be interesting…