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how do you teach yourself a new language? :o

Well, I’m using a site called LiveMocha for my learning.  However, I also recommend busuu.  All it really takes is repetition and a combination of different types of learning.  Give it time, and let your brain make patterns in the words and sentences.  ^-^

If you REALLY want to increase fluency, immersion is your best bet. That’s where you commit yourself to speaking only or mostly in your new language, as well as surrounding yourself with others who speak that language.  The best case scenario would be to go to the respective country for a few months (eg: go to Greece and only speak Greek).

However, since most people can’t drop everything and speak abroad, try and find other people who are fairly fluent in the new language.  Set your browser to the new language to force yourself to read and comprehend the new language.

In time, you should be able to either mentally translate back to English fairly quickly, or even forget translating entirely and think in the language itself.  I learned French a few years ago, and while it’s a bit rusty due to lack of practice, I still think in French fairly often and say basic phrases in French by default.  For example, I rarely say “I don’t know,” saying “Je ne sais pas” instead.  I don’t decide to say that, it just comes out.

I hope that helps—good luck with your new language of choice!  =D