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Finally done!  This here is a ponysona for Sam (fulminata2)!  He didn’t have one yet, but that has been rectified.  ;)  High-res link right here.

His cutie mark, when combined with the bird relic-thing, is a direct reference to his avatar.  I had to keep it simple to fit the show’s style, and I think I succeeded.

Gah, I can’t tell if this piece looks good any more.  I think I’ve been staring at it for too long…ಥ_ಥ

Either way, Sam, do you want the version without the signature?  I tried to keep it unobtrusive, but I still spent a lot of time on this, so…yeah.  ^^;

As requested by fulminata2 for the Draw Myself Challenge, here I am in the style of Danny Phantom.

Heh, I haven’t appropriated this style in quite some time.  Since this style is so flat and stylized, my tendency whenever I draw in this style is to add dimension and rounder angles.  XD  Nevertheless, I managed to avoid that this time around.  ^-^

Drawing full-bodied women in this style is a bit tough…

Don’t forget to click that link and send me suggestions!  =)


“How to Relax” by Sierra Randolph

Note: the animation is not showing up properly due to the way Tumblr tends to process GIF animations.  Please click the high-res link underneath the image.  If that doesn’t work, here is a link to the correct animation.

Just submitted this for class.  =)  I’m quite happy with how it turned out, haha!  ^-^

I was sad that I couldn’t use more than 15 frames (16 with the title), but it worked out okay.  I’ll eventually do a longer animation, but for now…I rather like it!

First serious MLP:FiM-style artwork on my end.  Took me long enough, I’d say.  XD

This is my cartoon impersonation, SieSie, in case you were wondering.  She’s usually the first character I draw when mimicking a new style, if not directly after any main characters.

Specifically made for my profile on BronyNet, but I like it too much not to post elsewhere.  ^-^