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Hey fellow Portland writers, I’m doing a write-in on Sunday from 12-3 at the Chit Chat Cafe, for anyone who wants to join (and you should)!

100% joining you for this. But I think this overlaps with the anarchist group meeting that happens there after the Taiwanese bible study group, so it might be crowded. Worth it for the coffee, though.

Oh hell yes, that sounds awesome!  =D  Not sure which writing implement I’ll bring, though.  I’ll probably bring many and be the redundancy master.  Either way, this isn’t overlapping with any AKΨ stuff for once, so yay!

Some Writing Prompt Generators


Serendipity (names, places, mapbuilding, etc.)
Quick Story Idea
Full Story Idea
Writing Challenges
General Character
Quick Character
really just all of Seventh Sanctum
RPGesque generators
Writing Prompts
Inspiration Finder
Story Arc
Fantasy Story Situaton
Chaotic Shiny is just really good in general
Random Plot 

Ooh!  So much awesomeness going straight into my resource folder.



I find that, when writing bios, it’s really helpful to look at a list or a chart like the one above. Picking two or three traits from each chart and building a character based around them will give you a really interesting bio, because they will serve as a reminder that characters need depth and dimension.

Independent and clever.


Independent, clever, pretentious, and stubborn.

The first combination doesn’t come with any flaws, whereas the second will provide a more dynamic character.

HEY GUYS, this showed up on my dash this morning, and I thought it would be helpful if any of you are writing characters and don’t want them to come out as picture-perfect Mary Sues! :) 

One thing I’d like to add, though, is that you should make sure the character traits don’t conflict in an oxymoronic way…. for example: Ambitious and lazy, or patient and impulsive. WAT. (Believe it or not, I HAVE seen it happen before! Don’t do it!!)

Very good and very helpful!  I know what I’ll be using for my next novel!  =D